'You are taken care of €”in the heavens and on earth.'

'The gods were not made of clay after all.'

'€œHurting others because I was hurting was like rubbing salt on my own wounds, or searing my own hand with hot coals.'

'The veils of maya or illusion keep us from seeing our true nature, our essential Self. They have us seeking for happiness and fulfilment in things and people that can never possibly deliver it to us.'

'€œRemember that the ego likes confusion. It thrives on making what is simple into something complicated. It likes to feel clever. Because that's how it keeps itself alive.'

'€œMaya distorts what is real and what is not. It makes you believe that things and people are the source of your happiness and so you become attached to them. To crave and run after what you can'€™t have, and shun what's right and good for you. This is what makes you miserable.'

'The real question your soul longs for you to answer in this lifetime is: How can I experience the essence of Who I Am?'

'€œExpectations that we have of others take away their freedom to become their real Self. This is because they have to provide what you need, otherwise they end up suffering the consequences of your upset. Remember this: expectations bind.'

'€œWith every veil of maya you remove of something you believe is true and real but is, in fact, just a trick of the soul, an illusion, you will become more freed up to know yourself as you really are, as your innate nature.'

'€œRelationships have a higher purpose. Every relationship you will ever have, will eventually lead you to recognising your true essential nature, your true Self.'

'€œWhen people are set free to follow their higher purpose, they feel at peace.'

'Fear of the unknown paralyses people. Become a master of flowing with uncertainty.'

'Throughout your life, you will keep coming across situations that call you to love others, to appreciate them, but to do so without becoming so attached to them that you cannot see who you truly are.'

'€œSimple it may sound, easy it is not: developing unwavering trust in your own power and ability to create and direct your life is the biggest gift you can give yourself.'

'€œIf there is such a thing as being a master of your destiny, it needs you to become conscious of which stresses and traumas are still looping within you, however much in the background it might appear to be.'

'€œYou must learn to take responsibility for the way you are designed so that you can be free to be who you are.'

€œIt'€™s about accepting and owning our feelings, no matter how painful, rather than avoiding or deleting them.'

'€œThe rishis said that if you can stay with and fully feel your experience, you'€™ve brought into full awareness the thing that you least want to, or the thing that you most fear. Then, it will disappear for ever in just one moment and you will transcend it, freeing you from its grip forever.'

'€œBecome a master of listening. This means knowing how much to ask of someone and when to let them go to their higher Self.'

'€œIt'€™s not just important, it'€™s your highest dharma, the ultimate purpose of life: to recognise and be true to your Self.'

'€œAs I strengthened my connection to my Inner Diamond and paid attention to its nudges through my intuition, I started to produce exceptional results at work.'

'€œYou see, you are a brilliant, sparkling diamond. This is who you are. When you will know yourself to accept the innermost truth of who you are, you will not just have '€˜fun', but that becomes your innate state. It'€™s like you will be '€˜fun'€™, in its highest octave.'

'You came here to take on a challenge: the challenge of integrating two worlds' €”the '€˜spiritual' with the material, the inner with the outer.'

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